Step 1 – The Past, The Present, and The Future

by Benas | Last Updated: October 20, 2021

Quick summary: I am trying to build a sustainable six-figure business in 4 years, by the time I am 30. The goal is to hit $300,000/year or $25,000/month from all my business ventures combined.

Oh, it’s on!!

Okay, who the fuck am I to make such bold goals?

Let’s start from the day I was born…

I am joking – relax. Not gonna bore you with 26 years of my life.

The Past

I am Benas Leonavicius, a guy who got interested in marketing back in high-school, tried to pursue a “normal” career but realized going off-the-rails is much more fun, profitable and just feels right.

As with everyone and everything, it all starts with just a small change or chance.

For me, this was when I earned my first $$$ freelancing. Well at the time I didn’t know I was “freelancing” – for me it was just a side-project for which I got paid.

Am I being too vague here? Yeah, probably.

Don’t worry, everything will make sense eventually.

Bring in the fact sheet:

I know, I know – so many facts, so vague and so many details missed. No worries! I will be creating a lot more content (this is my first article here after all) explaining my previous business ventures, success, and failures in a lot more detail if you are interested of course.

Shameless plug: if want to get notified when the second articles come out – consider joining my email list (I literally don’t have anything planned for my newsletter apart from notifying you when new content pieces come out, so don’t worry about the spam)

Anyway, the biggest takeaway from my past is that after earning my first $1,000 “online” or “freelancing” I have tasted the blood and was hooked like a vampire (is this an outdated reference?)!

This feeling never stopped and gradually just convinced me that I never want to work at another company again. I mean why..?

I saw that is was possible to make money doing my own thing, it was WAY more profitable in the long-run and I got to set the terms on my own.

And this kind of brings us to today.

The Present

Currently (or depends when you are reading this), I am an SEO expert and have clients around the world where I help businesses to accomplish consistent user growth through long-term SEO strategy.

I do have another website (well, it’s more like an online business card):

I moved past Upwork, as I found it very limiting and to grow beyond I need to create something more.

Either way, after getting comfortable with freelancing, I ran into a problem or more of a realization.

Freelancing (same as a 9-5 job), in general, is exchanging time for money.

Do you see the problem? No?

Let me illustrate the limit:


Basically, to earn more you can do two things:

  1. Work more hours (up to 24 hours per day)
  2. Increase your hourly rate

The first option is kind of okay, but again, you don’t want to work 24 hours per day and you do need to sleep.

How about your family, friends, hobbies? There are other things in life besides work.

Which gives us limited time only.

Well, okay, then how about increasing the hourly rate?

Also, this works in the beginning, but after some time it becomes unsustainable and VERY difficult to go beyond.

Yes, there are people in this world who earn $1,000 per hour, but these are not that common and the requirements are the way too high to be able to achieve that quickly.

And I forgot the most important thing.

You need to constantly work to earn money. You are NOT earning while you are sleeping, there is no passive income this way, which in my opinion is the way to go forward, hence the creation of this blog.

Once you realize that there are ways to make money where your work hours are correlated with the income, opportunities open to earn way more than you could have done while freelancing.

Also, passive income sounds too appealing to miss and I know – I have done it in the past, just not on such a large scale.

And this where this blog comes into play.

I want to use this blog to document my journey to creating businesses and moving past freelancing. 2020 – new decade, new me!

Side note: I love that I am starting this in 2020, a perfect round number and a whole decade ahead!

I want to start something that will define this decade for me, that will transform me into another level and create wealth that I can enjoy for the rest of my life.

At this point, you may be asking:

“Okay, Benas, it sounds all rainbows and unicorns, how the fuck do you actually do that?”

Glad you asked! Let’s move on.

The Future

First, let’s get the goal set so that everyone’s on the same page.

My goal: Create a $300,000/year or $25,000/month business in 4 year (until 2024).

Currently, I am 26 and I do like nice round numbers, so 30 sounds just right and 4 years seems like a reasonable time-frame to achieve this.

Not too short, and not too long.

Little story: when I was a kid, my father taught me a lot about finances and this idea of “retiring by 30” was around a lot, either in books, seminars or from my father. So this number is quite significant to me.

However, you may have questions already:

Why such a specific number? Did you make some calculations?

There are a couple of reasons for 300k.

  1. I don’t want an easy goal. 300k/year is basically 6 times more than I made in 2019, which makes this a tough goal, but not too high like a billion dollars which would be too far fetched. Keeping it real.
  2. I love nice round numbers and not a lot of numbers divide nicely by 12, but 300 does, which also makes a nice round 25k/month.
  3. I feel that this is the amount that will set me up for the rest of my life. Earning this much continuously will provide for my family (all of it), will secure the future for my future children, no worries about the pension and I will be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

Pretty simple, eh?

I am not looking to be a millionaire or a billionaire. Not to say that I am not going to try, but anything beyond 300k is a bonus in my head. And everybody loves bonuses, don’t they? 😉

Last year (in 2019) I did drop a lot of projects, clients, websites – kind of did a major clean-up to free me from my past for the new ventures. I had way too much chaos and random projects going on.

I wanted a clean slate.

This also meant that I only left myself with one income source – SEO clients.

But no worries! I am already in the process of creating new income sources, that together will help me achieve my goals!

I want to add 3 more income sources/business to my list during those 4 years:

Let’s dissect each of these.

Affiliate Marketing Website

I already launched the article about this, so you can read more here.

I am currently creating an authority website that earns income through affiliate marketing and advertising.

The business model is basically identical to the last 2 websites that I did and sold (this info was in the “facts list” above), but this time I want to do it “right.”

You see, previously I did not have enough experience and did not pay to much attention to those sites. I didn’t even spend a lot of time working on them. In some sense, you can say I got “lucky.”

However, I see a MASSIVE potential in this area and this time I am bringing all the knowledge and resources with me.

I am all-in!

This income source I have the highest hopes for. Out of $25,000/month, I expect this authority site to be making at least half of that in the next 2 years.

This blog (

Yeah, I do expect to somehow monetize this blog, but I am not in a rush.

I want this blog to be clean and nice, so definitely NO POP-UP ADS or anything like that.

This “income source” I am the least sure about, but I do see this blog generating revenue from things like partnerships with companies I believe and use, affiliate links for products I recommend and use, etc.

Maybe some of my own products later on..? Who knows!

As I said, I am not in the rush, so I am not expecting to even monetize this blog during the first year or so.

I guess it all depends on the feedback from you 🙂

If you like this blog, it gets at least a few hundred readers, then I will consider what to do. I will even ask you for suggestions!

But for now, this is MY space, where I am free to say and write whatever and whenever I want.

It’s quite liberating! It doesn’t feel like working at all 😃

I do want this blog to develop organically and you will know how if you follow me. Wink, wink

Youtube Channel

Yes, I do have one!

Link to my Youtube channel

I already wrote an article about my latest Youtube Experiment, so you can check it out here.

This is still a work in progress.

I started to work on this seriously only this year (2020) and currently are producing around 2-4 videos per month.

But this is still chaos. I am trying to find the exact direction to take this channel to, what theme could suit and of course what I would enjoy making.

Youtube very personal to me. I mean, I am showing off my face, my personality, so I would never go a niche I am not interested in. I will fail quickly.

As you can see, I have been uploading videos for almost a decade now and I always had a passion for filming and editing videos, but never took it anywhere besides (and mostly) homemade videos for me, my family and friends.

Youtube is probably going to take the longest to establish, find myself, my theme and then to actually make any money.

However, I do believe that consistency will be the key here. If I continue to make videos for the next few years, not only I will get better, but I will find exactly what I can and want to make.

So during the next 4 years, I am assuming, that any significant income may come in the 3rd of 4th year (2022 or 2023).

Still quite a road ahead, but this time I am playing the long game and I am here to stay!

Other projects

I am not a witch – I cannot predict the future, but what I know is that not evertyhing goes as planned.

That means that I may start some other projects or experiments along the way that may become the primary source of income.

For example, I already started a few new challenges, that have the potential to earn substantial income at some point.

The End

It’s the end of this article, but the beginning of my business journey!

Looking back, 2010 was a decade ago, 2015 was five years ago and it’s crazy to think about how time flies.

But this only works looking backward. 2025 or 2030 seems like miles away, but I think they will come sooner than we can realize, so I am taking action TODAY to see those results in the upcoming years.

You probably already noticed that I had no shame in asking you to 👉 subscribe to my email list. So if you are not convinced yet, this is for people who:

That’s it from me.

Thanks for reading!

You can close this tab now.


You can send me an email! It can be whatever – say “hello”, send feedback, maybe there is something you want to see on this blog, do you have other suggestions or you would love to see this in the podcast format?

📥 📥

Let’s chat 🙂

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